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Studies for incoming exchange students, 30 ECTS

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Study contents

LAMK offers courses for exchange students in all study fields.

The courses for exchange students are listed under following categories:

1) Courses for all exchange students
2) Faculty courses

Please be prepared to make changes for your original study plan after the course schedules are published.

The course registration takes place within the first two weeks of the semester.

Choosing a main subject or field of specialization *www

Please choose the courses for your Learning Agreement from the list of your faculty at LAMK. Majority of the courses are limited for the exchange students of the specific faculty but there are some courses which are available also for the other exchange students, e.g. exchange students in the Faculty of Technology can take some courses in the Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management.

More about the language of instruction *www

Studies for exchange students are offered in English.