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Master's Degree Programme in Social and Health Care Digitalisation and Business Competence, Sairaanhoitaja (ylempi AMK), Sosionomi (ylempi AMK), Fysioterapeutti (ylempi AMK): 90 ECTS
Master of Social and Health Care

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Degree title and level

Master of Health Care (Physiotherapy)
Master of Health Care (Nursing)
Master of Social Services

Study objectives

The digitalisation and business competence in the social and health care services programme focuses on customer-oriented, multi-channel and future-oriented operating environments. The programme develops solutions, which influence society and are sustainable from the business point of view, for the provision of health and welfare services. A graduating specialist knows how to apply knowledge management and CRM competence as well as to solve information-related issues in multidisciplinary teamwork.

Study contents

Programme topics include knowledge management in the social and health care sector, customer-oriented methods, digitalisation in new operating environments, business competence, entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary teamwork, and research and development competence.
The programme is delivered in the form of daytime and blended learning. The contact sessions are arranged during academic years 2017– 2018 and 2018–2019. The scope of the contact sessions is 15–20 days per academic year.

Structure of studies

The overall scope of the programme is 90 ECTS, divided as follows: social and health care-specific competence 30 ECTS, thesis 30 ECTS and complementary competence 30 ECTS (multidisciplinary implementation)

More about the language of instruction *www

The language of instruction is Finnish, and part of the programme is taken in English.


The thesis is a supervised, research-based development project, which is carried out individually or in pairs usually in the form of an assignment given by employers, project organisations or the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. The thesis applies research method and development competence. The goal is to immediately utilise the new information, service or product created in the thesis.

Qualification *www

The programme qualifies students for public positions and services requiring a Master's degree (see the different qualification criteria applicable in certain services and positions in social services).


The programme includes English-language guest lectures, study modules and other topical project events.

Postrgraduate study opportunities *www

Master's degree holders are eligible to apply for a scientific or artistic postgraduate programme at a university.