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Master's Degree Programme in Social and Health Care Development and Management (2015), Sairaanhoitaja (ylempi AMK), Sosionomi (ylempi AMK), Fysioterapeutti (ylempi AMK): 90 ECTS
Master of Social and Health Care

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Degree title and level

Sosionomi (ylempi AMK)

Study objectives

The objective of the degree programme is to provide students with the competence to work in expert, leadership and management roles in social and health care. The programme is especially focusing on the development and management of eServices, and modern and innovative development methods. A graduate is able to work as a manager and supervisor or entrepreneur in social and health care; is able to develop customer-oriented, effective and financially viable operations that have effects on customers'health and social well-being; is able manage and reform operations in complex and unpredictable environments; is able to contribute to the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility; is able to operate in international environment

Structure of studies

Advanced professional studies 75 ECTS credit (including thesis 30 cr) and complementary studies 15 cr.


The thesis will be carried out as a research based development project in studen’s own organization or as a part of RDI activities of Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Also it is possible to get the thesis subject from a regional, national or international project. When the thesis will take place in student’s own working organization, it is usually based on a defined development idea or problem arising from the student’s field of work and it is implemented in cooperation with the student’s workplace.

Qualification *www

University of applied sciences Master's Degree is equivalent to a university Master's Degree in the work place.


The whole programme is instructed in English. During the studies there are international symposiums organized by FUAS alliance (LAMK, HAMK and Laurea Universitities of Applied Sciences). Also an intensive programmes will be organized in international cooperation (LAMK, Charles Universtiy, and University of Evora, Portugal). A student has a possibility to study as an Erasmus exchange student abroad.

Co-operation with other parties

The programme will be carried out in cooperation with HAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Postrgraduate study opportunities *www

Doctoral studies at scientific universities.