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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Business Management, Restonomi (AMK): 210 ECTS
Bachelor of Hospitality Management

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Degree title and level

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Study objectives

The Bachelor degree studies in Lahti UAS’s Tourism Management programme is for you, if you are looking for a programme where studying is
• flexible
• practice-oriented in companies
• based on practical work
• versatile
• available online as well.
The new Lahti UAS Degree Programme in Tourism Management leads to the award of Bachelor of Hospitality Management. You will study a combination of hospitality subjects and the latest technologies. Technological advances are transforming service delivery, business processes and ways of working characteristic to the travel and hospitality sector. At the same time, digital solutions offer ever-broadening opportunities for developing new types of recreational services.
As a graduate in Lahti UAS's Bachelor of Hospitality Management programme, you will be a service specialist with digital services competence. You have the skills to utilise modern technology in a versatile manner. You have an open-minded attitude towards a variety of challenges in developing service companies. Even difficult service encounters do not leave you at a loss, but you have good problem-solving skills and the ability to meet the needs of demanding customers. You know how to exceed expectations!
You will learn how to take the views of both customers and companies into consideration and design customer-oriented and multi-channel services. You have the skills to sell services and develop marketing, as well as plan distinguishable, profitable business that gets the attention of people.
During your studies, you will actively engage with industry contacts. You will work in real-world organisations and be able to take advantage of authentic workplace settings that help you challenge yourself and learn to support businesses' objectives. You will proactively obtain a close view of the renewal opportunities and challenges in the sector. You will be able to discover your own place in the evolving working life of the future.

Study contents

The new degree programme offers a comprehensive view of the tourism industry. In addition to core competence in tourism, hotel and restaurant management, you will be able to build skills in your chosen specialist areas. From the point of view of future job markets and recreational services, it is important that you gain experience of the industry beyond the basic hotel and restaurant services. Exceptional customer experiences are increasingly based on combinations of well-being, culture, events, recreation and technologies as well as travel and hospitality services.
During your studies, you will encounter and serve customers in line with the hospitality and service culture competence requirements. You will gain a good understanding of the benefits of a broad client base, since tourism business involves different groups of people, everyone from travellers to local and part-time residents and boating visitors.
You will learn to develop tourism, accommodation, restaurant and recreational services through a user-centred approach by utilising local strengths and networks. You will have opportunities to get involved in sales and marketing activities using modern, gamified technological solutions. In addition to service business development, you will gain an understanding of the role of business and network activities as tools of regional development. You will be equipped for career progress in the tourism industry.

Structure of studies

The 210 ECTS credits of the Bachelor of Hospitality Management programme consist of core competence (135 ECTS) and complementary competence (75 ECTS). This gives you flexibility and choice. You can tailor more than half of your degree programme in accordance with your own objectives. For example, you can focus on your chosen specialist areas in the tourism, hotel and restaurant industry or expand your competence into other disciplines. In addition, the programme offers distance learning opportunities independent of time and place.
Common core competence is built around
• hospitality and service culture competence,
• business competence,
• hotel, restaurant and tourism business competence
• the specifics of the tourism industry,
• innovative development of recreational services, and
• digital skills.

Choosing a main subject or field of specialization *www

You will be able to create yourself a tailor-made professional path in cooperation with industry representatives. As a student, you can choose to focus on multi-skilled competence or develop in-depth competence in a specific area.
The new Degree Programme in Hospitality Management offers practice-based learning. In your studies, you will combine the growing possibilities of tourism and recreation with the requirements of the digital age, while developing a proactive approach to change in the industry. You will be able to study flexibly and using a range of technologies. The programme offers a versatile approach to tourism business, from travel and restaurant services to events, hotel management, recreational services, well-being and culture.

More about the language of instruction *www

The programme language is Finnish. Some of the courses will be delivered in English, and some English-language learning materials will also be used. In addition, the studies include statutory English and Swedish language courses.


You will complete a thesis project towards the end of the programme. The thesis can be a research or practice-based project. It is an opportunity to put your knowledge of tourism business into practice. The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate ability to work on current development subjects with a responsible and long-term approach, make justified choices and produce reliable data.
Furthermore, the thesis is an opportunity to refocus, expand and deepen your professional competence in tourism management, support the commissioning organisation's objectives and demonstrate your competencies. The thesis allows you to build on your professional skills and knowledge and develop your general workplace skills including communication, time management and organisation skills.

Qualification *www

Hospitality competence corresponds to the general industry requirements concerning the service level. It involves a proactive approach to exceeding expectations and seeing things from the customer's point of view. You will learn to thrive in different situations and under pressure while always prioritising a positive customer experience. As a hospitality management professional, you will not put yourself above others or hide behind technology in service encounters.
Customers want increasingly smoother, faster and easier service both in face-to-face and virtual interactions. As a hospitality management professional, you will be able to anticipate customers' needs and preferences and take different types of customers into account. Your positive and passionate approach to your work will translate into exceptional customer experiences.
The programme structure allows you to focus flexibly on the studies that best support your personal aims. Through workplace-based learning and close cooperation with businesses, you will be introduced to the variety of opportunities in this field. You will gain insight into different roles in the tourism, restaurant, events and recreation industries. You will develop an open-minded approach that allows you to identify collaboration opportunities and new potential roles by combining different skills from different fields. Work in this industry is increasingly multidisciplinary.


The language studies (English, Swedish) in the Bachelor of Hospitality Management programme are integrated with the professional studies. This makes learning meaningful and rewarding. English-language professional studies are also available in the form of courses taken together with other international student groups. Lahti UAS also offers an extensive selection of other language courses. You can include them in your complementary competence.
We highly recommend you take advantage of our international student exchange. As a rule, the student exchange period abroad takes place during the second year of study. Work placements and short-term study periods abroad are also encouraged. Lahti itself also offers an international setting for learning.

Co-operation with other parties

As a tourism management student, you will work in close cooperation with industry representatives. You will get a first-hand view of the industry's development challenges and opportunities from the outset of the programme. You will be able to tackle challenging development assignments and get involved in shaping the industry. At Lahti UAS, you can take a multidisciplinary approach to your studies by integrating contents from other subject areas, such as well-being, design and technology.

Career opportunities

As a Lahti UAS Hospitality Management graduate, you will be equipped to shape workplace organisations and solve problems. The demand for hospitality experts with digital competence in tourism and recreation is global. As a Lahti UAS Hospitality Management graduate, you will not only be qualified for employment in your chosen field, but you will also be shaping the future job market for hospitality management professionals. Join us to create new visions!
Upon successful completion of the programme, you will have access to a range of career paths. During your studies, you will build contacts with potential partners and have a wealth of opportunities to demonstrate your abilities. The programme also equips you to run your own business, employing yourself and others.

Postrgraduate study opportunities *www

The programme qualifies graduates to apply to Master's programmes in institutes of higher education. For example, three years of work experience after graduation will qualify you to apply to UAS Master's degree programmes. Alternatively, you can continue onto a Master's degree programme at a university.


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