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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing, Sairaanhoitaja (AMK): 210 ECTS
Bachelor of Health Care

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Course Structure Diagram

Degree title and level

Bachelor of Health Care (Registered Nurse)

Study objectives

As a Registered Nurse (RN), you will be able to promote and support the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities, and give personalized and comprehensive care to patients. As a nursing expert, you will be able to perform and develop nursing practice with a proactive and responsible approach in cooperation with other social work and health care professionals. As a nurse, you will also be able to make independent decisions, lead teams and perform supervisory duties. Lahti UAS gives you also expertise needed to work as an entrepreneur.

You will be studying on our brand new multidisciplinary NiemiCampus where all Lahti UAS faculties are located. NiemiCampus is a versatile building complex that was designed to support future learning needs and different learning methods and styles.

Study contents

Our brand new NiemiCampus is the most modern learning environment in Europe, where you will be studying by applying and using the latest future-oriented methods and equipment. NiemiCampus has workspaces for various needs, for example for workshops, individual work, laboratory work, co-working, lecturing, and giving presentations.

All degree programmes at Lahti UAS include elective studies that allow you to broaden and personalise your expertise. You can choose elective studies from your own field of study, from other fields of study or from the open UAS path studies in entrepreneurship. Lahti UAS is an athlete-friendly university that supports your career as an athlete by offering flexible study opportunities. We cooperate with Päijät-Häme Sports Academy that offers various services for athletes to become better in sports and their studies. You can also complete part of your studies in multidisciplinary development projects and learning environments (e.g. in student cooperatives and at campus radio).
Nursing education emphasizes the future competencies, in which smart self-care solutions aim to promote the health and well-being of the individuals and families. The education challenges critically looking at, and finding evidence based solutions to lifestyle changes, monitoring long-term illness, care and rehabilitation. Smart self-care solutions include, for example, a variety of e-health services and robotic opportunities for patients and customers.

During the studies, you will be working in development tasks and participate in experimenting new customer/patient-centered services to promote well-being and enhance entrepreneurial skills. Studying is carried out mainly in authentic social and health care organizations, but also in campus area and online learning environments.

Structure of studies

Bachelor's Degree Programme, Nursing is 210 ECTS. The programmes are divided into common core competences and complementary competences. The course modules range from 10 to 25 ECTS. Complementary competences may consist of studies of your own field multidisciplinary route studies or other skills supporting professional growth.The first educational module is Factors of wellbeing, which is implemented using team-based learning method.

Core competence studies equip you for a range of professional roles. Complementary competence studies include areas of study that develop and advance your chosen areas of expertise. These competences form your professional profile.

Common core competence 25 ECTS
Social and health care common core competency 20 ECTS
Professional core competency 45 ECTS
Practical Training 75 ECTS
Thesis 15 ECTS

 Professional complementary courses and elective studies  

More about the language of instruction *www

The programme is taught in English. In addition, we offer you an excellent opportunity to study foreign languages extensively. If your mother tongue is other than Finnish, you have a perfect chance to study Finnish in different ways with us.


A Bachelor’s Degree includes a 15-ECTS thesis. This can be either a research-based project or a so-called functional thesis project. The aim of the thesis project is to broaden and deepen your professional expertise and provide you with expertise needed to operate in development tasks in your field. The thesis project improves your information retrieval and problem-solving skills. The thesis can be conducted as a project commissioned by an external organisation or as part of a development project. The thesis project can be carried out individually, in pairs or in a group, including a written report. At its best, the thesis project can serve as a pathway to your career.

Qualification *www

The earned qualification is an undergraduate degree (a bachelor’s degree). After earning the degree, you can apply for work in private sector businesses as well as public sector organisations.Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be qualified to work as a Registered Nurse (RN). You will be entitled to use the degree title Sairaanhoitaja (AMK)/Registered Nurse. The programme leads to a nursing qualification that meets the requirements of EU directives, which also means interesting career opportunities abroad. Registered Nurse is a regulated profession overseen the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).


Go international! We offer you excellent opportunities to gain valuable international expertise and language skills for your future career. Future workplaces require multicultural and language skills as well as international understanding. Learning takes place in a multicultural, international environment. Our degree students come from all over the world.

You can complete part of your studies at our partner institutions in different countries around the world or do your practical training abroad. Every year, Lahti UAS welcomes a large number of students from different countries, so the programme is genuinely international. Our international activities are based on networks, student exchange programmes, intensive periods, and international projects and we have strong links with partner organisations across the Baltic states and the rest of Europe as well as Russia, Canada and East Asia.

Co-operation with other parties

Our new campus is a modern learning environment built in a newly renovated furniture factory. The industrial estate is also home to a wide range of private enterprises, so you will have a chance to encounter a huge number of potential partners on a regular basis in your everyday surroundings.

Our students collaborate with businesses and other organisations throughout the duration of the programme. Your studies include projects combining theory and practice carried out for local businesses.  Expert lectures are given by visiting company representatives.

Research focus

Your studies at Lahti UAS will be closely connected with the development of working life practices, together with businesses and work communities. Multidisciplinary working life projects and different learning environments, such as student cooperatives, will strengthen your connections with authentic working life interaction throughout the programme. The competences of Lahti UAS focus on smart business, circulation economics, design as well as well-being and innovative growth.

Career opportunities

As a Registered Nurse (RN) you will work in cooperation with other experts involved in the patient's care and participate in multidisciplinary teams as expert of your own field. You can work in social and health care services in the public, private or third sector, in health care centers, hospitals, in various assisted living facilities, associations, disabled people's organizations and foundations, and as a self-employed entrepreneur. Various national and international expert roles are also available in different development projects. As a nurse, you will have a wide choice of careers available.

Postrgraduate study opportunities *www

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Nursing (Sairaanhoitaja, AMK) having gained three years of professional work experience, you are eligible to apply to UAS master’s degree programmes. You are also eligible to apply to master’s degree programmes offered by universities.