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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business Information Technology, Tradenomi (AMK): 210 ECTS
Bachelor of Business Administration

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Degree title and level

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Study objectives

The Degree Programme in Business Information Technology prepares students for digital business expert roles.
Upon successful completion of this programme, you will have a comprehensive understanding of future-oriented, innovative business operations. You will be able to automate business processes and implement service chains with the latest technologies while taking into account customer needs. You will have a command of agile and flexible methods and the ability to organise and lead based on analysed information. Lahti UAS gives you the expertise needed to work as an entrepreneur.
You will be studying on our brand new multidisciplinary NiemiCampus where all Lahti UAS faculties are located. NiemiCampus is a versatile building complex that was designed to support future learning needs and different learning methods and styles.

Study contents

The contents of the Degree Programme in Business Information Technology are designed in cooperation with businesses and with an eye on future competence needs. The programme prepares students for a range of roles involving digital technologies.
In the first year, you will develop a good foundation in various aspects of digital business and learn to create your personal learning path. You will be able to choose from business, tourism, technology, design, and social and health care studies as well as a range of multidisciplinary modules in service design, circular economy and entrepreneurship. You will build a competence portfolio that demonstrates your ICT project and language skills.
As you proceed further in your studies, you will have access to various learning environments, including traditional classroom-based learning, online learning, business organisations and projects as well as events, the campus radio, the students' media agency and others. All these provide opportunities to learn by doing real-world tasks. Towards the end of the programme, you will gain practical experience by working in the organisation of your choice. You will be supported and assisted by a tutor teacher throughout the studies.
Our brand new NiemiCampus is the most modern learning environment in Europe, where you will be studying by applying and using the latest future-oriented methods and equipment. NiemiCampus has workspaces for various needs, for example for workshops, individual work, laboratory work, co-working, lecturing, and giving presentations.
All degree programmes at Lahti UAS include elective studies that allow you to broaden and personalise your expertise. You can choose elective studies from your own field of study, from other fields of study or from the open UAS path studies in entrepreneurship. Lahti UAS is an athlete-friendly university that supports your career as an athlete by offering flexible study opportunities. We cooperate with Päijät-Häme Sports Academy that offers various services for athletes to become better in sports and their studies. You can also complete part of your studies in multidisciplinary development projects and learning environments (e.g. in student cooperatives and at campus radio).

Structure of studies

The programme is divided into common core competences and complementary competences. The course modules range from 10 to 25 ECTS. Complementary competences may consist of studies of your own field multidisciplinary route studies or other skills supporting professional growth.
Common Core Competence 25 ECTS
Professional Core Competence 65 ECTS
Practical Training 30 ECTS
Thesis 15 ECTS
Professional complementary courses and elective studies 75 ECTS

Choosing a main subject or field of specialization *www

This programme does not have a main subject. You will build your competence profile through module choices.

More about the language of instruction *www

The programme is taught in English. In addition, we offer you an excellent opportunity to study foreign languages extensively. If your mother tongue is other than Finnish, you have a perfect chance to study Finnish with us.


Your thesis project can be action or research-based. The thesis project is completed for a client organisation towards the end of the programme. This is also a great opportunity to build contacts with employers. You will be able to apply your knowledge and skills gained during the programme, and you will be supported by a personal thesis supervisor.


Go international! We offer you excellent opportunities to gain valuable international expertise and language skills for your future career. Future workplaces require multicultural and language skills as well as international understanding. Learning takes place in a multicultural, international environment. Our degree students come from all over the world.
You can complete part of your studies at our partner institutions in different countries around the world or do your practical training abroad. Every year, Lahti UAS welcomes a large number of students from different countries, so the programme is genuinely international.

Co-operation with other parties

Our new campus is a modern learning environment built in a newly renovated furniture factory. The industrial estate is also home to a wide range of private enterprises, so you will have a chance to encounter a huge number of potential partners on a regular basis in your everyday surroundings.

Research focus

Your studies at Lahti UAS will be closely connected with the development of working life practices, together with businesses and work communities. Multidisciplinary working life projects and different learning environments, such as student cooperatives, will strengthen your connections with authentic working life interaction throughout the programme. The competences of Lahti UAS focus on smart business, circulation economics, design as well as well-being and innovative growth.

Career opportunities

Upon graduation, you will be qualified for a range of roles requiring digital competencies. Depending on your personal learning path, you will be able to do the following: provide ICT support to end users, build new applications, draw up digital service process descriptions, deliver agile projects, build user-centred online stores, and design value-added digital solutions for businesses.
Possible job titles
•    Website designer, developer, tester
•    Digital service designer, developer, tester
•    Digital customer experience designer, developer
•    Multichanneling specialist
•    IT system designer
•    Web store specialist
•    IT contractor
•    IT consultant, trainer
•    Project coordinator, project manager
•    Business owner

Postrgraduate study opportunities *www

After earning a bachelor’s degree in business information technology and having gained three years of professional work experience, you are eligible to apply to UAS master’s degree programmes. You are also eligible to apply to master’s degree programmes offered by universities.