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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing, Sairaanhoitaja (AMK): 210 op
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Koulutuksen rakennetaulukko

Tutkintonimike ja tutkinnon taso

Sairaanhoitaja (AMK)

Koulutuksen tavoite

As a nurse, you will be able to promote and support the health and well-being of people of different ages, families, and communities, and give personalised and comprehensive care to patients. As a nursing expert, you will be able to perform and develop nursing practice with a proactive and responsible approach in cooperation with other social and health care professionals. As a nurse, you will also be able to make independent decisions, lead teams and perform supervisory duties.

Koulutuksen sisältö

At Lahti UAS, the Degree Programme in Nursing is built on the overarching theme of Good Care, which emphasises customer/patient-orientation. You will familiarise yourself with acute and chronic care of patients of different ages. Key themes include clinical nursing practice, decision-making, guidance and instruction competence, ethnics and professionalism, promotion of health and functional capacity, leadership and entrepreneurship. You will have access to a range of diverse and inspiring learning environments. Various simulation environments and online learning platforms are utilised in this programme. Students' multicultural skills are supported by courses available in the English-language nursing programme.

In complementary studies, you will be able to choose from a range of complementary optional and elective studies. Complementary studies can be completed as part of gainful employment, during international exchange periods, or by selecting courses from the multidisciplinary offerings of Lahti, Laurea and HAMK Universities of Applied Sciences.

Opintojen rakenne

The English-language Nursing programme of Lahti UAS comprises basic studies, professional studies, clinical placements (75 ECTS credits), the thesis (15 ECTS credits), and subject-specific (complementary) professional studies (30 ECTS credits), which include elective studies (15 ECTS credits). The subject-specific (complementary) course offering is the same for social and health care students. The curriculum is made up of modules worth 15-30 ECTS credits each, and each module is divided into courses, which are worth 5-10 ECTS credits each. The programme also includes Finnish language courses.

Lisätietoa opetuskielistä

The language of instruction is English.


The thesis is an opportunity to advance your professional competencies. Thesis projects are linked to real-world workplace development projects that offer interesting development assignments in nursing practice. Alternatively, you can demonstrate your expertise in a multidisciplinary project.

The thesis project will help you learn to critically evaluate workplace development needs and use appropriate development methods in the development of your chosen field. The thesis project is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to plan, execute, evaluate and publish a thesis and produce a report in accordance with the practices of your field. You will also learn to apply and utilise the outputs of your thesis project (knowledge, service, product) in real-world workplace development.


Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be qualified to work as a registered nurse. You will be entitled to use the degree title Sairaanhoitaja (AMK)/Registered Nurse. The programme leads to a nursing qualification that meets the requirements of EU directives, which also means interesting career opportunities abroad. Registered Nurse is a regulated profession overseen by Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health.


As a student at Lahti UAS, you will be able to complete part of your degree abroad and acquire international experience which is highly valued by employers. International activities are based on subject-specialist networks, student exchange programmes, intensive periods, and international projects. The Lahti UAS Faculty of Social and Health Care has strong links with partner organisations across the Baltic states and the rest of Europe as well as Russia, Canada and East Asia.

You will be able to advance your Finnish by choosing courses from the Finnish-language Nursing programme. The Faculty of Social and Health Care offers a multicultural learning environment that values student diversity.

Yhteistyö muiden toimijoiden kanssa

During your studies, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the world of work during numerous clinical placements in various social and health care environments in Finland and abroad. You will have the opportunity to work in various real-world projects and network with the region's employers. The multidisciplinary learning environments of Lahti UAS also provide ample opportunities for student entrepreneurship. In addition, thanks to our partnership with Laurea and HAMK Universities of Applied Sciences, we can offer an extensive range of summer courses.

Tutkimuksen painopisteet

The four research focus areas of Lahti UAS are: Design, Smart Industry, Welfare and Reformative Growth, and Clean and Dynamic Environment. The focus areas are integrated into teaching, learning and the organisational philosophy of Lahti UAS and supported by international RDI activities and specialist competencies. Through these focus areas and the associated R&D activities, we strive to influence the future proactively as part of the wider society and networks. We engage in novel forms of creative and responsible cooperation at regional and international levels. Our industry-oriented activities contribute to the region's well-being and help build a better world. Researching, doing and experiencing together helps develop expertise and equips students for success.


Nurses work in cooperation with other experts involved in the patient's care and participate in multidisciplinary teams as experts of their fields. They can work in social and health care services in the public, private or third sector, in health care centres, hospitals and well-being centres, in various assisted living facilities, associations, disabled people's organisations and foundations, and as self-employed entrepreneurs. Various national and international expert roles are also available. As a nurse, you will have a wide choice of careers.


The Sairaanhoitaja AMK (registered Nurse) qualification offers good further education opportunities. After three years of work experience, you will be able to apply to a University of Applied Sciences Master's degree programme. You will also be able to develop your expertise through various extension studies in areas such as pain management nursing, perioperative nursing and oncology nursing. Further education will expand and advance your competencies as a nurse and open up new career opportunities. You will also be qualified to apply to Master's degree programmes of universities.