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Complementary competence courses for all Lahti UAS Master's degree students, 17S, All courses


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Year of study 1
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Common modules of Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Tulevaisuuteen johtaminen
Societal change 5
Societal change and future foresight methods 5
Tutkimus- ja kehittämisopinnot
Research-based development 5
Research-based development 5
User-Centred Digital Services
Future eServices 5
Service Design 5
Smart Future Solutions 10 op
Sustainable design 5
Työhyvinvointi ja luova kehittäminen
Managing well-being at work 5
Luovat ja toiminnalliset menetelmät 5
Coaching for Business Mentoring 5
Leading virtual teams
Virtual Teams 5
Virtual leadership 5
Modules of Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management
Futures and strategies for international business 5
Digitalization and client to market relationships in an international context 5
Innovation management 5
Regenerative leadership 5
Modules of Institute of Design and Fine Arts
Modules of Faculty of Social and Health Care
Management in Social and Health Care
Transformational leadership 5
International Social and health Care 5
Social and health economics 5
Regenerative Leadership in Social and Health Care
Develop, manage and evaluate organizational activities with a strategy-driven approach 5
Innovation and Competence Management 5
Managers as Developers of Smoothly Functioning Workplaces 5
Digitalisation trends in healthcare and social services
Knowledge management and reformed service strategy 5
Utilising digital technologies in citizen services 5
Storage, organisation and modification of digital information 5
Business competence in health and social services
Customer insight in health and social services 5
Service need assessment and case management 5
Business competence: productivity and impact 5
Lasten ja nuorten hyvinvoinnin haasteet
Everyday environments and institutions of children and young people 5
Inclusion as a prerequisite of welfare 5
Challenges for child protection and child welfare 5
Lasten ja nuorten hyvinvointia turvaava toiminta
Early support 5
Risk conditions and detection 5
Supporting children, young people and families living in risk conditions 5
Modules of Faculty of Technology
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 606060606060606060

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Complementary competence courses for all Lahti UAS Master's degree students, 17S

All courses