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Master's Degree Programme in International Business Development, Tradenomi (ylempi AMK): 90 ECTS
Master of Business Administration

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Degree title and level

Master of Business Administration

Study objectives

The Degree in International Business Development is intended for people who wish to develop their professional knowledge, skills, and competences of leadership, strategic management, innovation and process and project management in an international business context.

The profile of the applicant is a person that has been working for at least three years in a related field, has been working full time and would like to develop his/her professional skills in international business. Both Finnish people that would like to study in English and people that have moved to Finland are encouraged to apply. People that are currently in career transition could invest in their future skill-set to reenter the employment sector.

Structure of studies

Futures and Strategies for International Business 5 ECTS
Digitalization and Client to Market Relationship in an International Context 5 ECTS
Management and Strategic Accounting 5 ECTS

Innovation and Creativity for an International Organization 5 ECTS
Processes and Management 5 ECTS
Cross-Cultural Management 5 ECTS



The duration of the program is expected to be from 1,5 to 2.5 years. Contact days are usually limited to 2 to 3 days per month (Thursday and/or Friday 9-16). There is plenty of challenging independent work, and on-line studies in order to accommodate busy people’s professional and personal lives. The studies are rigorous, intensive, but manageable.

The language of the program is English.

At LUAS, we have created a Masters School platform that allows students to move between business, social and healthcare, technology and design. This form of integration supports multi-disciplinary thinking. We also encourage our students to participate in student exchange opportunities.
We will assess prior course work and prior work experience to determine if they qualify for academic credit in your degree or as additional elective study.

Choosing a main subject or field of specialization

At the beginning of their studies, each student will complete a personalized learning plan consisting of 60 ECTS of Masters level studies and 30 ECTS of their Final Thesis work. In addition to the courses offered through the program, the student may register for additional elective credits to help shape and customize their learning plan to better fit with their learning objectives.

The student will be able to analyze opportunities to creatively develop innovative international business. The student is expected to be active in the discussions in the classroom and hone their professional skills of persuasion and argumentation both in written and oral forms.


The student’s thesis is a capstone of his/her personal learning experience. Many of the course deliverables will contribute to building the thesis in order to form a more cohesive learning experience and in order to create a platform for either career advancement or career transitions. We will start the development of the thesis area from the very beginning of the program and it will evolve over the course of the program.

The thesis can be done from the perspective developing your current workplace, your future work place, or developing a creative international business, or finally, a University development project. The thesis provides a platform for the student to develop their scientific research methods, and their ability to use scientific literatures in combination with making professional recommendations. It is intended that the theses are useful for innovatively developing international business.

Career opportunities

Students in the program can immediately apply their learning directly in their work place. Many of the graduates are able to capitalize on new opportunities either within their current organization or in new professional careers. Developing the innovative skills and capabilities for developing international business helps our graduates expand their professional possibilities to bridge business beyond the local market challenges. These studies provide an excellent possibility to improve your spoken and written English skills in order to work in an international role by practicing and working in a multicultural environment.

Postrgraduate study opportunities

The Master’s Degree in Business Administration is a fully qualified and recognized in the Finnish Educational system and in the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) and fulfils the requirements for Public Sector positions.

The quality of our qualified to continue in Doctoral Studies, both domestically and abroad.