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Master's Degree Programme in Information and Communications Technology 15S


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Year of study 1 2
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Professional Studies
Future ICT Services
Gamification 5
New Trends in ICT seminar 5  
Developing ICT Services
Virtualization and Cloud Services 5
Big Data 5
Elective Studies
(Select 10 ECTS)
ICT Workshop 5
Societal Change and Future Foresight 5
Master's Thesis Work 30
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 6060606060606060606060606060

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Master´s education concentrates on the newest trends and topics in Information and Communications Technology. Focus is on utilizing the ICT possibilities to boost business, industry and the public sector. The programme aims to promote multidimensional understanding and better cooperation between different fields of ICT, including software-based services, infrastructure and usability, as well as ICT environmental issues.