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Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Business, Tradenomi (AMK): 210 ECTS
Bachelor of Business Administration

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Degree title and level

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Study objectives

As a student in this programme, you will develop into an international business professional with strong business management skills, communication skills and the ability to operate in multicultural workplace environments.

Study contents

The programme contents have been formulated based on input from businesses and with future competence needs in mind. It provides excellent preparation for various international business roles.

In the first year, you will develop a good foundation in different areas of business management and start building your professional profile.

From the second year onwards, you will focus on broadening and advancing your skills and develop your personal path. You will have a choice of modules in marketing, financial management, leadership, logistics, entrepreneurship, digital business and international business. You can also choose multidisciplinary modules in service design, circular economy and entrepreneurship. Projects carried out with real-world businesses are at the core of this programme.

Internationalisation is an important part of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in International Business. The courses are delivered in a multicultural and international environment. Your studies include a student exchange or work placement period spent abroad. Lahti UAS has an extensive exchange network with other international institutions.

Your personal tutor will support and assist you throughout your studies, for example in your module choices.

Structure of studies

Core competence equips you for a range of professional roles.

Complementary competence comprises areas of study that develop and advance your chosen areas of expertise. These competences form your professional profile.


Common core competence 25 ECTS
Communication and languages 10 ECTS
Professional communication and information literacy 4 ECTS
English for Work 3 ECTS
Swedish language 3 ECTS
Professional competence 5 ECTS
Research and development 5 ECTS
Understanding future trends 5 ECTS

Professional core competence 65 ECTS

Project management and networking 15 ECTS
Project management 5 ECTS
Digital tools and personal branding 10 ECTS

Business models and processes 20 ECTS
Supply networks in business development 5 ECTS
Accounting 5 ECTS
Managerial work 5 ECTS
Customer relations and marketing 5 ECTS

Transforming ideas into business 15 ECTS
Business environment 6 ECTS
Successful business 9 ECTS

Global approach to business 15 ECTS
Global communication in business 5 ECTS
Presentation and public speaking skills 5 ECTS
Global business opportunities 5 ECTS

Practical training 30 ECTS
Thesis 15 ECTS

LAMK modules
Business modules

Choosing a main subject or field of specialization

This programme does not have a main subject. Your competence profile will depend on your module choices. You will draw up a personal study plan with your tutor. Prior or experiential (work-based) learning will be taken into account in the plan.

It is also possible to accredit your current work towards your degree.

More about the language of instruction

The language of instruction is English.


The final project can be a practice-based or research-oriented project, and it is an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you have accumulated during your studies. The final project takes place at the end of the programme, and it is intended to benefit real-world practice. A personal supervisor will guide you during the final project.


Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be able to work in expert and management roles in various types of businesses and organisations. In addition, the programme prepares students to work as independent entrepreneurs and in international roles.

Possible roles
• Marketing manager, marketing assistant, sales manager, key account manager
• Financial manager, controller, investment advisor
• HR specialist, HR manager, project manager, communications coordinator
• Import/export coordinator, buyer, purchasing manager
• Entrepreneur


Future workplace environments require international competencies, multicultural skills and versatile language skills. The Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Business equips students for the challenges of international business environments.

The programme is delivered entirely in English. Learning takes place in a multicultural, international environment. Lahti UAS receives degree students from all over the world. We also host a number of international exchange students each year.

Students complete part of the studies in another country in student exchange or practical training. You also have the option to take both the exchange period and the practical training period abroad. For example, your studies can include the following international components:

- An exchange period in another country, a choice of 65 host institutions around the world (Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America)
- Double Degree opportunities with selected higher education partners
- Practical training abroad
- An international intensive course
- Participation in international competitions as part of studies (e.g. NIBS Case Competition and NIBS Business Plan Competition)
- Participation in international projects as a student
- Tutoring an international student

Co-operation with other parties

Our students collaborate with businesses and other organisations throughout the duration of the programme. Studies include projects which are carried out for real-world business organisations and combine theory and practice. Modules include lectures given by company representatives from different businesses.

Research focus

Research and development activities are integrated into the programme. You will be able to research new solutions and opportunities in order to resolve real-world business challenges.

Career opportunities

The Bachelor of Business Administration qualification offers diverse employment opportunities in various expert roles. You will start creating your career path during the programme through a choice of courses you want to include in your personal study plan. Possible learning paths include marketing, international trade, financial management, entrepreneurship and logistics.

Marketing modules prepare you for various management and planning tasks in marketing, digital advertising and media as well as account management roles.

International trade modules prepare you for international operating environments and various export and import roles.

Financial management modules prepare you for a range of roles in financial services, accounting and in-house financial management.

Entrepreneurship modules prepare you for self-employed and other entrepreneurial activities.

Logistics modules prepare you for a career as a buyer, logistics manager or head of purchasing or transportation.

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will be able to seek employment in a range of different roles.

Occupational titles (3-4 titles)

The Bachelor of Business Administration prepares you for a variety of expert tasks, including
• Marketing assistant
• Marketing planner
• Marketing manager
• Export assistant
• Export manager
• Accountant
• Financial director
• Logistics coordinator
• Purchasing manager
• Entrepreneur

Postrgraduate study opportunities

The Bachelor’s Degree in International Business provides a solid foundation for further studies.

Graduates who have gained at least three years of work experience can continue their studies with a Lahti UAS Master's degree programme.

Alternatively, you can apply for Master's degree programmes at various universities.